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Research Topics (non exclusive): Data Mining, Web Mining, Content-Based Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Multimedia Mining, Social Network Analysis, Data Visualization, applications in Health Informatics.

My list of publications gives the big picture of my research activities.

My research interests are at the confluence of the broadly defined fields of knowledge discovery from large databases and information retrieval. That includes data mining from the Internet/Web encompassing web mining related to the content of web documents, the structure of the hypertext documents, and the usage of the World Wide Web. Lately, I am giving special attention to research related to data analysis in the realm of health/medical informatics.

I like working on specific applications and solving research challenges pertaining to these applications. However, I also worked on generic algorithms for canonical data mining tasks such as frequent itemset mining (sequential and parallel; with and without constraints), contrast sets, classification (particularly associative classifiers), clustering (in low and high dimensionality), and outlier detection.

More recent work has focused on social network analysis, particularly community mining in large networks.
  • The Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Machine Learning
  • The Database Systems Research Group at UofA.
  • The Artificial Intelligence Research Group at UofA.
  • The Advanced Man-Machine Interfaces Computing Laboratory.
  • The Computer Graphics Research Group at UofA.
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