CMPUT 499: Web-Based Information Systems

Assignment 1

CMPUT 499 (Winter 2002)

Due Date (in class): January 24th, 2002 (11:00am)
Percentage overall grade: 3%
Penalties: 20% off a day for late assignments
Maximum Marks: 10

Take a look at this Computing Science Department web page ( It contains a table summarizing faculty research interests. When scrolling through the table, you may notice a design problem with this page.

The table contains many faculty names, so when we reach the bottom of the table, we cannot see the header containing the topics. How can we improve this page by fixing this major problem? In this assignment you are required to redesign and implement the page indicated above.

In the new design, the web page must satisfy the following:

  • Maintain the integrity of the original contents
  • Improve the readability of this page
  • Propose and implement two solutions:
    1. Use frames to redesign the main layout of the page (call this version1.html).
    2. Don't use frames but a simple table (call this version2.html).
Is there another way to solve this design problem without using frames and without having to repeat information from the table?


Use HTML 4.01 transitional. Your pages should be validated by the W3C validator ( Frames could be problematic for the validator but it shouldn't be an issue.


This assignment is to be submitted via email to ( Send only one tar file that contains all that you are submitting:
  1. version1.html
  2. version2.html
  3. A document containing a short paragraph describing yet another solution that doesn't use frames but allows the table header to be visible when we scroll down the table. Be brief but clear in your answer.
Remember the deadline to send this e-mail is Thursday January 24 at 11am (before class).

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