I've moved on....

You can find me working hard at The InnoVis lab at the University of Calgary.

Email: jkwalny /at/ gmail.com


M.Sc. Student (until Dec 2009)
Database Research Group
Department of Computing Science
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

M.Sc. Research

I investigated possible applications of Semantic Web technologies to data integration. I focused on database schema mapping, using ontologies to provide background information about the domain of the schemas.

More information can be found at the Semantic Information Integration page.

Supervisor: Denilson Barbosa

M.Sc. Thesis

A framework for semantically verifying schema mappings for data exchange


We propose a framework for semi-automatically verifying relational database schema mappings for data exchange. Schema mappings for data exchange formally describe how to move data between a source and target database. State-of-the-art schema mapping tools propose several mappings, but require user intervention to determine their semantic correctness. For this, the user must understand the domain the schemas represent and the meanings of individual schema elements in relation to the domain. Our framework eases the task of understanding the domain and schemas and performs preliminary mapping verification. We use a readable, expressive, and formal conceptual model - a domain ontology - to model the source and target schema domain. We model the schema semantics by annotating schema elements with ontology elements. Our mapping verification algorithm rewrites mappings as statements in terms of the ontology, and uses a reasoner to check that the statements are entailed by the ontology.

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