Steve Sutphen
Faculty Service Officer, Research Planning and Advanced Development
Department of Computing Science
University of Alberta

Work Address:

	Department of Computing Science
	221 Athabasca Hall
	University of Alberta 
	Edmonton, Alberta
	Canada  T6G 2E8
	Phone: (780) 492-4768
	Fax:   (780) 492-1071

	Office: 341 Computing Science Centre

Areas of Involvement

I manage the Research Planning and Advanced Development Group.

My responsibilities are to 1) provide long-term planning, and organizational support for Departmental research, 2) explore and develop new concepts in hardware and software for research support, 3) install and supervise the maintenance of Departmental equipment, and 4) to provide support for the Computer Vision and Robotics Laboratory and that research group.

For more complete information see my Curriculum Vitae or my Annual Report.

Computer clusters in Computing Science

The Department has three clusters: the first was Jasper which Paul Lu purchased in 2000 for experiments in parallel processing; Heisler cluster was acquired for the HISO group in August 2004; and Salient was purchased by Dale Shuurmans for his (and others--ask him) work in Machine Learning etc., in December 2004.

We are running the Ganglia monitoring tool on each of the clusters: Jasper, Heisler, and Salient.


Non-academic Interests

I am a long time member of Images Alberta Camera Club. You can discover some of the Sutphen family history at this, link. I have been a member of The Planetary Society for several years.

July 18, 2011