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About ScriptEase

ScriptEase is a visual tool created to aid users in scripting their games. Our goal is to give users without programming knowledge the capability to create complex games. There is current support for Bioware's Neverwinter Night engine and the Unity 3D engine.

This project is led by Duane Szafron at the University of Alberta. It is part of the BELIEVE Research Project at the GRAND Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE).

The current version of ScriptEase in development is formally called ScriptEase II. Its former ScriptEase I was a pilot project created in 2003 to generate scripting code for Bioware's Neverwinter Nights game. Although successful in reaching its goals, its interface was not intuitive. The code base had also became unsightly and unmanageable. In the summer of 2009, ScriptEase II was founded. It completely revamped its predecessor in creating a intuitive drag-and-drop interface. ScriptEase II focuses and categorizes patterns into causes, effects, story points, and dialogues. ScriptEase II is game engine independent; by using plug-in translators, it is able to generate scripts for any game.

ScriptEase II is currently being used it as as a teaching tool for students in the CMPUT 250 (Computers and Games) multidisciplinary game design course, WRITE 399 (Interdisciplinary Gaming Narrative), as well as in summer camps at the University of Alberta.

A refereed publication on ScriptEase II can be found here.

ScriptEase II