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ScriptEase I Downloads

ScriptEase I is no longer being maintained and it is advised that you use ScriptEase II.

ScriptEase I only works with Java 6 updates 1 to 7, not any newer updates. You can download Java 6 update 7 here. ScriptEase I is also only compatible with the Neverwinter Nights engine and not any other game engine.

ScriptEase 2012 Installer
Windows users will want to download this file. The installer assumes that Java 6 update 7 is installed.

ScriptEase 2012 Jar
Linux and Mac users will want to download this file instead of the installer. Please consult these instructions.

ScriptEase Quest Pak
Optional. Right-click and save the file, do not left-click. Put the file in the paks directory under the ScriptEase directory.

Outdated Versions

ScriptEase Fall 2011 Installer Download

ScriptEase Fall 2011 Jar Download

ScriptEase Winter 2011 Installer Download

ScriptEase Winter 2011 Jar Download

ScriptEase Fall 2010 Installer Download

ScriptEase Fall 2010 Jar Download

ScriptEase Winter 2010 Installer Download

ScriptEase Winter 2010 Jar Download

ScriptEase Fall 2009 Installer Download

ScriptEase Fall 2009 Jar Download