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Neverwinter Night Tutorials for ScriptEase II

Treasure Island

This is a seven part tutorial that walks the reader through creating a simple story in Neverwinter Nights. You will be exposed to the basics of using the Neverwinter Nights engine as well as ScriptEase II. All tutorials are in PDF format.

Tutorials for Version 2.7

Tutorial 0 - Making Your World with the Aurora Toolset

Tutorial 1 - Getting Started With ScriptEase II

Tutorial 2 - Creating a Story with ScriptEase II

Tutorial 3 - Creating a Continuous Quest with ScriptEase II

Tutorial 4 - Using Triggers to Spawn Creatures in ScriptEase II

Tutorial 5 - Multiple Quests using the ScriptEase II Story System

Tutorial 6 - Finishing your Story using “Fan In” of ScriptEase II

A Zip File of the tutorials for ScriptEase II version 2.7 can be downloaded here.