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Author: BELIEVE Team

ScriptEase 2 Open Source

After many years inside the university, ScriptEase II has joined the ranks of open source software. The project will move its focus to the Github page, Feel free to poke around the code or contribute new improvements.

ScriptEase II Beta 2.7 Released!

ScriptEase II Beta 2.7 has been released and can be downloaded at the following link:

ScriptEase II Beta 2.6 Patch 1 Release


  • Fixed 'Face the Camera' effects. They should now work as expected.
  • Dragging components over one another are less 'flashy' now.
  • Ctrl + clicking will cause less accidental drags.
  • You can now remove optional libraries.
  • Fixed bug with note panel disappearing when adding story points/dragging in causes.

ScriptEase Beta 2.6 updates

This update is more focused on the Unity Translator, however, there are some general ScriptEase changes.

Unity Translator Changes:

  • Saving reloaded dialogues will no longer cause problems.
  • Dialogue editor now has undoability.
  • "When 's gui is updated" cause for multiple scene file support.
  • New optional Colour library.

General ScriptEase Changes:

  • Information will be provided when you add an optional library.
  • You can now re-enable components inside a disabled parent. It will re-enable the parent as well
  • Ability to change the name of story files. Double click the story model tab to change.
  • Saving story files are more safe now.
  • Optional libraries load the active/inactive question and description.

New Website

The original ScriptEase website has been updated to this new one. In addition, it is now the BELIEVE site and will have more content regarding other research such as Character Emotions and Behavior Architecture.