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The BELIEVE Research Group at the University of Alberta works on providing believable characters and stories for games and simulations.

A major bottleneck in designing computer games is scripting. Scripts dictate the behaviours of virtual characters in games. They are essential to controlling the plot in story-based games. The goal of this project is to ensure that game designers have a creative environment to produce scripts so that player actions influence the plot and that plot points occur in rational order as the story unfolds.

Research to discover new mechanisms to allow game designers to create helpful allies and challenging opponents by generating scripts automatically can support designers in providing creative high-level direction to these agents. A multi-queue behaviour architecture with prioritized interruptible and resumable independent and collaborative behaviours can be employed.

This project will provide game designers with a library of high-level behaviours, plot patterns, and game story idiom scripts for adaption to the story at hand.

The BELIEVE Research Group at the University of Alberta is part of a larger BELIEVE Research Project at the GRAND Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE).

BELIEVE 2013 team

Members of the BELIEVE Research Group at the University of Alberta

Old BELIEVE team

Some of the past and present members in the BELIEVE Research Group