Russell Greiner: Student Travel

Guidelines for Student Travel

Until the money runs out, I will try to subsidize (or perhaps completely sponsor) every "productive" student to one "local" symposium/conference per year.

  • "local" typically means "North America"
  • "productive" means "submitted a paper" (to that conference)


  1. Presentation: Soon after returning, I expect students to provide a short presentation to the group summarizing the conference:
    • Any results that are relevant to your work, or that of any other group members
    • Any surprises? Disappointments?
    • Perceived trends
    • Reflections on your presentation
    • ...
  2. Costs: To minimize costs:
    1. Travel: If an airflight is needed, you should typically plan to stay over a Saturday night. And also investigate the discount airlines, such as Canada 3000.
    2. Hotel: Try to find "shared" accomodations. If you do not know any other participants, you can typically post a msg a general msg to all attendees, looking for "roomies". You may need to contact the workshop organizers for a list of participants.
    3. Food: Once again, try to keep costs down. Sunrose can tell you the per-diem guidelines, etc.
    • Remember: money saved on one trip may well translate to other opportunities to travel later!
  3. Grants: Grad students are eligible for "Research Travel Grants" -- for 1 trip per degree. See Edith for Forms. Many conferences also provide financial assistance for students; you should also investigate this possibility.
  4. Receipts: You should keep all of your receipts; Sunrose can provide per-diems, etc. Also see her if you need a travel advance, etc.
  5. Assistance: You may also want to contact Fran or Louise for help in booking flights, hotels, etc.

If you have any questions, contact greiner-at-cs-dot-ualberta-dot-ca