Russell Greiner: New Bike Routes

Are you interested in bicycling, safely and directly, north and east from the Terwilligar area?

In particular, from Terwilligar to the university?

There are currently plans for a pedestrian/bike path over the Whitemud Freeway, connecting 142 St. (Brookside) to Burrows Crescent (Bulyea Heights). However, this will cost between $500K to $1M! Unfortunately, the politicians do not think this is a priority.


If you want to convince the powers-that-be that this should be a priority, contact the relevant City Councilor:

  • Brian Anderson: 496-8130
  • Larry Langley: 496-8132

Note: refer to this as a pedestrian bridge (which bikes can use)

Other possible contacts:

  • Edmonton Bicycle Commuters: 433-2453
  • Planning Office (Peter Heppleston): 496-2604