Russell Greiner: Work With Me?
  (NSERC Summer)
If you want to work with me as a ...
  • Summer intern:

  • existing Graduate Student (already at UofAlberta)
    Check out slides (Oct 2017)

  • new Graduate Student
    The only way to become a grad student in our program is to file an application online; see directions at Graduate Studies Page. If you want to work with me, please indicate this in the form. Be sure that your Statement addresses one or more of my current "Challenge problems".

      I am currently looking for students who can help me address a number of very interesting bio-informatics and medical-informatics tasks -- related to computational psychiatry, understanding and using high dimensional molecular data (microarrays, SNPs, metabolic profiles, ...), as well as foundational topics, like survival prediction and understanding biomarkers, and so forth.
      See Possible Thesis Projects and PDF tasks for an overview.

      Your application material should include a ``mini-research proposal'' -- ie, a short description of how you would address one (or more) of those tasks. (This could be in your Statement, or in an additional 1-2 page file.)

      • How would you start?
      • What tools would you use?
      • What resources would track down?
      • What tricks do you think might work?
      Feel free to mention any of your existing work, if(f) it seems relevant.
      Or to connect this to some other ideas you may have had.

      Note I will only consider applications that include such a description.
      If you write to me beforehand, be sure your email includes this summary.

  • PostDoctoral Fellow