Highlights of Russ Greiner's CV (2007)

Update: 14/Jan/06 to present (25/Jan/2007)

Update: 1/Feb/05 to 13/Jan/2006

Executive Summary (including Major Awards)


(References [Ji], [Cj], ... refer to specific papers -- journal, conference, ... -- as indexed in CV.)

1. Application pull

2. Results that use theoretical analysis to extend existing learning algorithms
3. Theoretical results that improve on standard learning framework

4. Other minor/dated results
ACRONYM vision system, meta-level representation language (RLL, MRS),
"Novelty", Analogical inference,
Analysis of EBL, Dynamic observers (control theory), signal processing,
AndOr trees, Predicting unix commands, Pathology in search,
Focus within Reinforcement learning, ...
Bean counting:
21+3 articles in refereed journals (11 in "Artificial Intelligence")
4 edited books, special issues of journals
40 "real" conference articles
      including 2 BestPapers and 1 RunnerUp
41 other (lightly refereed) publications



Other Activities: