Computing Science 551
Artificial Intelligence: Representation and Reasoning
Second Term, 1997-98

Time: TR 11-12:20
Place: GSB 511
Intructor: Russ Greiner

Purpose: This course provides a graduate-level introduction to artificial intelligence, with an emphasis on the design on agents that act intelligently -- ie, that "do the right thing" in complex environments, by acting optimally given the limited information and computational resources available. We will focus on agents that can reason (eg, answer queries, or produce plans) from their stored knowledge, using logic-based and/or probability-based techniques as appropriate; and can learn (acquire new information) from their observations and experiences.

Prerequisite: CMPUT 451 or equivalent. Students who are interested in the material but do not have the required prerequisite are encouraged to talk to the instructor.


Course Outline:  With a focus on "AI as design of rational agents",  topics will include Lecture Notes


Late Policy: No late assignments or papers will be accepted.

Office Hours:

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