Piotr Rudnicki

Laboratory for Algorithmics Research
Department of Computing Science
Faculty of Science
University of Alberta

Athabasca Hall 306, tel. (780) 492 2983, email: piotr@cs.ualberta.ca

A new method of education delivery.

Although I really enjoy teaching, this is what some students think about it.

My initials are used in many strange ways.


High School Computing Club

ACM Programming Contest

Courses taught


I am a member of The Scientific Society of Plock (Towarzystwo Naukowe Plockie), in Plock, Poland. They have a library that offers some excitement to their members. The library owns a copy of the first printing of Copernicus' De revolutionibus orbium coelestium, Nuremberg 1543. If you pay your membership fees like I do they would let you touch it or open it at any place you want.

Pictures of my companions

This has really happened