CanaDAM 2007
1st Canadian Discrete and Algorithmic Mathematics Conference
May 28-31, 2007
Banff Conference Center, Alberta, Canada

Invited Speakers:
  • Valerie King (University of Victoria)
  • Janos Pach (City College and Courant Institute)
  • Bill Pulleyblank (IBM Research)
  • David Sankoff (University of Ottawa)
  • Bruce Shepherd (Bell Laboratories)
  • Vera Sos (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
  • Peter Winkler (Dartmouth)
  • Xuding Zhu (National Sun Yat-sen University)

Invited Minisymposium Organizers and Titles (in the corresponding order):
  • Petra Berenbrink (Simon Fraser): Randomized algorithms
  • Gabor Tardos (Simon Fraser): Combinatorial geometry and graph drawing
  • Tamas Terlaky (McMaster): Linear, polyhedral optimization and their relatives
  • Anne Bergeron (Université du Québec à Montréal): Combinatorial problems in genomics
  • Bertrand Guenin (Waterloo): Graphs, matroids, colourings and flows
  • Penny Haxell (Waterloo): Extremal combinatorics
  • David Galvin (UPenn): Problems at the interface of discrete math and statistical physics
  • Doug West (U of Illinois): Graph colouring

More information about these and other minisymposia is available at Minisymposiums page