Optimal resource allocation

Networks for people and the environment

M.H. (Mike) MacGregor
Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2E8

e-mail: mike dot macgregor at ualberta dot ca
Phone: 780.492.7434
Fax: 780.492.6393

My research program, broadly speaking, focuses on the optimal allocation of resources in networks. There are many practical problems in this area that require technical and theoretical finesse, such as finding algorithms for the optimal design of wireless sensor networks, devising techniques for sharing fixed-capacity links between multiple traffic types of differing priorities, or modeling and predicting encounter patterns in delay-tolerant networks to enable optimal routing of messages.

Currently, with the help of several graduate students, I'm exploring the following:

  • optimal design of wireless sensor networks in real environments
  • distributed, optimal access to wireless Ethernets with no message passing
  • devising techniques that take advantage of mobility patterns in delay-tolerant networks
  • network bandwidth management and congestion control

I'm looking for graduate students with interests that overlap the areas of systems programming, performance evaluation and network protocol design. Ideally you'd be comfortable with using or learning a fairly wide range of techniques: discrete-event simulation of networks and protocols, experimental measurements of captive lab networks, and more than a little mathematics (statistics, linear algebra, linear programming or other optimization tools, queueing theory). If you have this sort of background and interest, then please contact me for opportunities in research.

On the other hand, if you're interested in building your CV and earning a graduate degree while continuing to work, you might want to consider the MINT program. This is a course-based MSc, with classes conducted via an intensive weekend format.