2004 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
(EMNLP 2004)


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Call for Papers

SIGDAT, the Association for Computational Linguistics' special interest group on linguistic data and corpus-based approaches to NLP, invites submissions to EMNLP 2004. The conference will be held on July 25-26 in Barcelona, Spain, immediately following the 42nd meeting of the ACL (ACL 2004).

We are interested in papers from academia, government, and industry on all areas of traditional interest to the SIGDAT community and aligned fields, including but not limited to:

In addition to providing a general forum, the theme for this year is

"Error Analysis in Empirical NLP"

We encourage papers that apply existing or new methodology for meaningful empirical analysis of errors, independent of the application. The theme emphasizes that learning algorithms are not merely magic "black boxes". Corpus-based NLP has reached a stage of maturity where many competing models have reached comparable plateaus in performance. Merely reporting the aggregate accuracy or coverage percentages typically fails to uncover the model limitations that are fundamentally responsible for the plateaus. While reporting aggregate percentages remains essential, instructive research should also explain a model's limitations in more meaningful ways. This can be as simple as categorizing error statistics by finer-grained types of errors, to reveal specific areas of model limitations. Better yet, we seek deeper insight into the models' inherent representational biases, in the form of qualitative theoretical analyses that can be backed up by comparative quantitative measurements. We especially welcome empirically verifiable implications arising for feature engineering or model selection, whether manual or automatic.


Important Dates

Submission deadline: April 28, 2004
Acceptance notification: May 26, 2004
Camera-ready copy due: June 15, 2004
Conference: July 25-26, 2004

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Program Co-Chairs

Dekang Lin, University of Alberta (lindek@cs.ualberta.ca)
Dekai Wu, HKUST, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (dekai@cs.ust.hk)

Area Chairs

Daniel Gildea
Ido Dagan
Kenneth Church
Mary Harper
Pascale Fung
Yuji Matsumoto

Program Committee

Adam Kilgarriff
Andrew McCallum
Andy Way
Anoop Sarkar
Antal van den Bosch
Bill Byrne
Bob Moore
Bonnie Dorr
Charles Schafer
Chin-Yew Lin
Chris Brew
Chris Quirk
Christoph Tillmann
Ciprian Chelba
Claire Cardie
Colin Cherry
Dan Klein
Dan Melamed
Dan Moldovan
Daniel Bikel
Daniel Jurafsky
Daniel Marcu
David Palmer
David Weir
Dayne Freitag
Diana Inkpen
Diana McCarthy
Dragomir Radev
Ellen Riloff
Elliott Macklovitch
Eneko Agirre
Eric Ringger
Erik Tjong Kim Sang
Fernando Pereira
Fernando Pereira
Frank Keller
Franz Josef Och
Genichiro Kikui
George Foster
German Rigau
Gideon Mann
Gina Levow
Giuseppe Riccardi
Grace Ngai
Graeme Hirst
Greg Kondrak
Guy Lapalme
Hang Li
Hermann Ney
Hinrich Schuetze
Ismael Garc¡ía Varea
James Mayfield
Jan Hajic
Janyce Wiebe
Jason Eisner
Jeff Bilmes
Jian Su
Jianfeng Gao
John Carroll
John Chen
John Henderson
Jun Zhao
Keh-Yih Su
Kemal Oflazer
Kenji Yamada
Kevin Knight
Kishore Papineni
Llu¡ís M¡àrquez
Llu¡ís Padr¡ó
Marc Light
Marine Carpuat
Marti Hearst
Masaaki Nagata
Massimo Poesio
Michael Collins
Michele Banko
Miles Osborne
Mirella Lapata
Nicola Ueffing
Owen Rambow
Patrick Pantel
Paul Lu
Peng Xu
Philipp Koehn
Philippe Langlais
Rada Mihalcea
Radu Florian
Ralph Grishman
Rebecca Hwa
Regina Barzilay
Richard Sproat
Rob Malouf
Roberto Pieraccini
Rohini Srihari
Roni Rosenfeld
Shaojun Wang
Sharon Caraballo
Silviu Cucerzan
Simone Teufel
Srinivas Bangalore
Stefan Riezler
Stephan Vogel
Stephen Clark
Suzanne Stevenson
Takehito Utsuro
Ted Briscoe
Ted Pedersen
Walter Daelemans
Wei Li
William Cohen
Xiaoqiang Luo
Zhifang Sui