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Findler's work

One of the first studies of computer poker was done by Nicolas Findler [9] [10]. The variation of poker used in his research was a simplified version of five-card draw poker. During the years Findler's project was carried out, various poker-playing programs were created, each different in its structure and approach to decision-making.

Most of the computer players developed in Findler's research were based on simulating human cognitive processes involved in decision-making under uncertainty and risk. His approaches were based on psychological precepts of human thought rather than mathematically-oriented analysis. He considered that:

``In order to program a computer to play poker well it is necessary to understand the cognitive processes employed when human beings play poker. (The mathematical theory of games can only treat simplified versions of the game).'' [10]

Findler's goal was not to create a world-class poker-playing program and, indeed, none of his programs appears to have been a strong player.

Lourdes Pena