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Selected Older Technical Reports

These reports mostly contain material that has not otherwise yet been published.

TR97-02: Sokoban is PSPACE-complete

Joseph Culberson

TR96-18: On the Futility of Blind Search

Joseph Culberson

TR94-09: Asymmetry in Binary Search Tree Update Algorithms

Joseph C. Culberson and Patricia A. Evans.

TR94-08: Efficiently Searching the 15-Puzzle

Joseph C. Culberson and Jonathan Schaeffer

TR92-02: Genetic Invariance: A New Paradigm for Genetic Algorithm Design

Joseph Culberson

TR92-06: GIGA Program Description and Operation

Joseph Culberson

TR92-07: Iterated Greedy Graph Coloring and the Difficulty Landscape

Joseph Culberson

TR89-06: A unified approach to orthogonal polygon covering problems via dent diagrams.

Joseph C. Culberson and Robert A. Reckhow. February 1989.

TR88-01: On the Comparison Cost of Partial Orders

Joseph Culberson and Gregory J. E. Rawlins.

Graduate Work

MSc Thesis

Updating Binary Trees University of Waterloo Department of Computer Science, 1984. (Available as Waterloo Research Report CS-84-08.) Abstract

Ph. D. Thesis

The Effect of Asymmetric Deletions on Binary Search Trees. University of Waterloo Department of Computer Science, May 1986. (Available as Waterloo Research Report CS-86-15.) Abstract

Joseph Culberson

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