Hamiltonian Cycle Program Archive

This page is the archive for a Hamiltonian Cycle program used to produce experimental results for Basil Vandegriend's Master's Thesis: Finding Hamiltonian Cycles: Algorithms, Graphs and Performance.

Comments about this page or the Hamiltonian Cycle program can be emailed to: basil@cs.ualberta.ca.

The program implements several Hamiltonian Cycle algorithms. Each algorithm's behaviour can be adjusted through the use of various flags (within an option file). The program includes graph generation functions which generate a variety of graphs and a test mode which allows large experiments to be easily executed.

Note that several changes have been made to this program since it was used to produce the thesis results. In particular, the Gn,m graph generator code was changed to remove a small bias and a different random number generator was used.

Read the conditions of use concerning this program.

Read the manual.

Download the program (C source code, tarred and gzipped, 65 Kb).


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