Hengshuai Yao
Ph. D. Candidate
Department of Computer Science
University of Alberta
Email: hengshua[at]cs[dot]ualberta[dot]ca
Address: Room 305, RLAI Lab
I am a Ph.D student in the Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence Lab at University of Alberta. My advisor is Professor Csaba Szepesvari. I received my Master of Engineering's degree in Computer Science and Engineering Department of Tsinghua University in 2006. I received my Bachelor of Science's degree in Mathematical Department at Shandong University of Technology China in 2003.

My research interests include reinforcement learning, machine learning, information retrieval and data mining. I enjoy studying and inventing efficient algorithms for learning and inferring from big data. My past experience include projects about prediction and control, robot soccer, link analysis, personalization ranking and battling spams, recommendation systems, trending topics detection, and large scale computation, etc.
  • Our daughter YingYing was born on March 22, 2014.
  • Our paper for trending topic detection was accepted by WWW 2014.
  • I was on Yahoo! FYI on October 30, 2013. Marissa anounced our team won the CEO challenge award.
  • I presented our internship project "Trending Now" to Marissa with a teammate, October 2013.
  • Internship at Yahoo! extended another three months.
  • I started an internship at Yahoo! Search since July 22nd, 2013.
  • Our linear action model based approximated policy iteration algorithm was accepted by AAAI, 2012.
  • Our son Alexander was born on November 25, 2011.
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  • "Trending Now" Internship winner (CEO challenge award); project presented to Marissa, 2013.
  • Yahoo! Invention Award. December, 2013.
  • J Gordin Kaplan Graduate Student Award, University of Alberta, 2012.
  • Hong Kong Government Scholarship for graduate students. 2007.
  • Fourth place, simulation league of World RoboCup, Lisbon, Portugal, 2004.
  • Champion, The 2001 and 2002 Shandong University of Technology Mathematical Modeling Contest.
  • WWW 2015, pc member (on web search)
  • The First Workshop on Heterogeneous Information Access at WSDM 2015, pc member.
  • NeuroComputing, reviewer.
  • IEEE Symposium on Adaptive Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning(ADPRL) 2014, pc member.
  • Journal of Machine Learning Research, reviewer.
  • Pattern of Recgonition Letters, reviewer.
Last Updated: November, 2014