crypto: intro

  • the code book by Simon Singh

  • The urge to discover secrets is deeply ingrained in human nature; even the least curious mind is roused by the promise of sharing knowledge withheld from others.   John Chadwick

  • Knowledge is power.   Francis Bacon

  • Singh's motivation

    • chart evolution of crypto

    • show relevance of crypto

  • how does Singh's point of view differ from your typical textbook?

  • crack the cipher below

  • what methods did you use to crack it ?

  • what encryption method was used ?

  • in general, how secure is this method ?

  • what is the plaintext ?

  • how is the plaintext related to this course ?

jrrg nlqj zhqfhvodv orrnhg rxw
rq wkh ihdvw ri vwhskhq
zkhq wkh vqrz odb urxqg derxw
ghhs dqg fulvs dqg hyhq