Computing Science 419   Graph Algorithms   Winter Term 2001

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MWF 9:00-9:50 CMP B41   Instructor: Ryan Hayward

Prerequisites: CS304 or the permission of the instructor.

Purpose: to introduce students to a wide variety of the most commonly used and studied graph algorithms.

Grading: term work 35%    midterm 15%    quizzes 15%    final 35%

Tentative Course Outline:

  • Basic graph concepts, definitions, and properties
  • Basic algorithmic and data structure concepts
  • Basic analysis concepts
  • Basic complexity concepts
  • algorithms: trees and distance
  • algorithms: matchings
  • algorithms: connectivity and network flow
  • algorithms: colouring
  • algorithms: cycles
  • algorithms: planarity
  • algorithms: perfect graphs

    References [the text by McHugh is required; copies are in the bookstore]

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    G. Chartrand & O. Oellermann
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    R. Wilson
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