cmput 204     course outline

course description
  • university calendar: The first of two courses on algorithm design and analysis, with emphasis on fundamentals of searching, sorting, and graph algorithms. Examples include divide and conquer, dynamic programming, greedy methods, backtracking, and local search methods, together with analysis techniques to estimate program efficiency. Prerequisites: CMPUT 115 or 175, CMPUT 272; MATH 113, 114, or 117 or SCI 100.

  • computing department description

lecture material

based on Algorithms, by dasgupta,papadimitriou,vazirani isbn 9780073523408

grading scheme
  • on eClass

  • letter grade cutoffs will be set to reflect university-defined grade meaning (e.g. A+ = outstanding)

A+ 90 (historically about .05 of class), A A- 80 (.07 .12), B+ B 70 (.15 .16), B- C+ 60 (.14 .11), C C- 50 (.08 .05), D+ D 40 (.03 .02)

assignment collaboration policy
  • non-detailed oral discussion of assignment material must be acknowledged by all parties

  • assignments must be written alone

  • other than the text and lecture notes, all sources (including discussions, web resources, texts, etc.) must be acknowledged

  • failure to follow this policy will be considered plagiarism and will be dealt with according to departmental and university policy