comments on final exam

  • closed book: bring only

    • pen or pencil

    • student card

    • water

  • no electronic or computational devices

  • time and location on beartracks

content covered
  • everthing in webnotes, except

    • Bentley algorithm design

    • RSA (in algorithms with numbers)

    • Bellman Ford (in graphs:paths)

    • min cuts, randomized min cut, Karger (in greedy algorithms)

    • knap:dpv (in hard problems)

you can expect to be asked about
  • for each algorithm you have seen,

  • or for any similar algorithm,

  • or for any given code (python) fragment:

    • execution

    • time

    • correctness

    • can we do better ?

  • possibly question(s) on material you have not seen

  • probably similar to

    • seminars

    • assignments

    • midterm