Revised January 13, 2014

Refereed Publications - 2007

2007 Computers and Education

Jill Kedersha McClay, Margaret Mackey, Mike Carbonaro, Duane Szafron and Jonathan Schaeffer, Adolescents Composing Fiction in Digital Game and Written Formats: tacit, explicit and metacognitive strategies, E-Learning 4 (3), 2007, 273 - 284. abstract or browser version.

2006 IEEE IS

Maria Cutumisu, Curtis Onuczko, Matthew McNaughton, Thomas Roy, Jonathan Schaeffer, Allan Schumacher, Jeff Siegel, Duane Szafron, Kevin Waugh, Mike Carbonaro, Harvey Duff, Stephanie Gillis, ScriptEase: A generative/adaptive programming paradigm for game scripting , Science of Computer Programming, 67 (1), June 2007, 32-55. abstract or pdf.