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8:45-9:00 Opening -- --
9:00-11:00 Session 1 Tutorial Libkin Tutorial Wood Tutorial Laender
11:30--13:00 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5
14:30--16:00 Tutorial Lakshmanan City tour Tutorial Gutierrez Session 6
Break City tour Break
16:30--18:00 Tutorial Lakshmanan City tour Tutorial Gutierrez
WS Dinner

Alberto Mendelzon Workshop on Foundations of Data Management (May 12--May14)


  • Claudio Gutierrez (Universidad de Chile);
    RDF Databases
  • Leonid Libkin (University of Edinburgh);
    Schema mappings and data exchange for XML
  • Laks Lakshmanan (U. British Columbia);
    Social Networks: Is there more in them for us Database Types than just Poking?
  • Peter Wood (University of London, Birkbeck);
    Query languages for graph databases


  • Andrea Cali, and Riccardo Torlone;
    Checking Containment of Schema Mappings (Preliminary Report).
  • Michael Meier, Michael Schmidt and Georg Lausen;
    Stop the Chase.
  • Ali Kiani and Nematollaah Shiri;
    Using Patterns for Faster and Scalable Rewriting of Conjunctive Queries.
  • Renzo Angles;
    A Nested Graph Model for Visualizing RDF Data


  • Tao Yang and Dongwon Lee;
    T^3: On Mapping Text to Time Series.
  • Leticia Gomez, Bart Kuijpers and Alejandro Vaisman;
    Temporal Support in Sequential Pattern Mining.
  • Monica R P Ferreira, Agma Traina, Ires Dias, Richard Chbeir and Caetano Traina;
    Identifying Algebraic Properties to Support Optimization of Unary Similarity Queries.


  • Anish Das Sarma, Jeffrey Ullman and Jennifer Widom;
    Schema Design for Uncertain Databases.
  • Leopoldo Bertossi;
    From Database Repair Programs to Consistent Query Answering in Classical Logic (extended abstract).
  • Leopoldo Bertossi, Loreto Bravo and Monica Caniupan;
    Consistent Query Answering in Data Warehouses.


  • David Toman;
    Data Expiration and Aggregate Queries.
  • Loreto Bravo and M. Andrea Rodriguez;
    Semantic Integrity Constraints for Spatial Databases
  • Md. Anisur Rahman, Mehedi Masud, Iluju Kiringa and Abdul Motaleb El Saddik;
    Bi-Level Mapping: Combining Schema and Data Level Heterogeneity in Peer Data Sharing Systems

Graduate Student Workshop (May 15)


  • Alberto Laender; Web Data Extraction: Methods and Tools (PDF)

Session 5

  • Alejandro Mallea;
    Understanding the structure of RDF data: a practical study (PDF)
  • Juan Reutter;
    Extending Query Languages for Data Exchange (PDF)
  • Jorge Perez;
    Metadata Management in Data Exchange Systems (PDF)

Session 6

  • Andrea Cali;
    Query answering under expressive constraints: the Datalog+/- family
  • Luciano Leggieri;
    Teaching Concurrency Control and Recovery in Relational Databases (PDF)
  • Renzo Angles;
    Graph database models for RDF