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Educational Software for Micromachines And Related Technologies (eSMART)

The complexity and intricacy of modern technology is the result of hundreds of years of research and innovation. The limits of conventional materials and devices are being pushed constantly; the latest developments in both of these fields go beyond those limits. Special materials with unique and often amazing properties are being discovered and developed as alternatives to traditional materials like steel and aluminum. Machinery such as fluid channels, gear trains, and pumps are being taken from the macroscopic world to the microscopic world in high-tech laboratories around the world. Many of these machines are currently small enough to fit on the back of a dust mite, and researches are optimistic that these structures will reach atomic dimensions in the near future.

Welcome to the University of Alberta smart material and micromachines web site. This website discusses unique materials and machinery that are being developed and researched and some, which are already being used in everyday life. The information is in a variety of different formats (text, pictures, videos, interactive experiments and games). Each of these formats are interconnected with one another in order to provide an easy to follow and interesting path to learning about both smart materials and micromachines.

In addition to being an educational tool, this site is to serve as a reference for both smart materials and micromachine information. There are many links to other web sites and other research groups working on these subjects, which anyone interested in either or both topics will find helpful.

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