Educational Software for Micromachines And Related Technologies (eSMART)

eSMART was developed as a prototypical software by a team of 2 high school students, 4 undergraduate students and 2 faculty members from the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Computing Science, University of Alberta, Canada. eSMART is an educational tool on smart materials and MEMS specifically aimed at high school students and freshmen university students. It includes text, pictures, videos, interactive experiments and games. We emphasize that the software is a prototype, developed with very limited funding between May and August 2001, and is intended to give a flavor of what an extended and comprehensive version could look like. We realise that your time is valuable. That is why we shall be highly obliged if you leave your "comments" before you exit the software. Should you find the software interesting, please feel free to send the URL to a friend or a colleague.