Friends and Peers     (Click on the picture for a larger image)


Aaron Davidson.

Jason Spencer.

Roel van der Goot.

Greg Huber.

Jonathan Schaeffer.

Duane Szafron.

Andreas Junghanns.

Rocket Rob Gardner.

Michael Buro.

Karen Buro.

Yngvi Bjornsson.

Markian Hlynka.

Robert Holte.

Michael Bowling.

Jack van Rijswijck.

Akihiro Kishimoto.


The CS contingent at the annual Turkey Trot (September, 2001).   We were the largest group in the race for the N-th year running.

Some posers and hosers before the race.   Left to right: Darse, Chris Parker, Ernie Novillo, Ivan Chvets, Cam Macdonell, Jeff Antoniuk.

At the annual CS Barbeque (September, 2001).   Left to right: Yasushi Tanase, Gogo and Yngvi Bjornsson, Akihiro (Kishi) Kishimoto.

A pick-up game of soccer at the BBQ.

Aaron Davidson, Jason Spencer, and Christine Thesen in the high country of the Canadian Rockies (August, 2001).   (While they frolicked in Jasper National Park, I risked life and limb looking after Aaron's psychotic kitty cat).

At the Festival of the World's (August, 2001).   An outdoor concert at Kinsmen Park.   Left to right: Loftur Bjornsson, Sigridur (Sigga) Sigurdardottir, Gudrun (Gogo) Sigurdardottir, Yngvi Bjornsson.   Front: Daniel Yngvason.

The waterfall from the Legislature Grounds.   Left to right: Martin, Kishi, Darse, Richard, Amélie.

Aaron and Jason at the top of Badger Pass, in the Rockies (July, 2001).   (While they frolicked in Banff National Park, I risked life and limb looking after Aaron's psychotic kitty cat).

Street Performers Festival (July, 2001).   Darse and Kishi.

Street Performers Festival.   Peter Yap and Martin.

Canada Day (July, 2001).   Getting sauced at Boston Pizza.   Left to right: Markian Hlynka, Kishi, Chris Parker, Cam Macdonell, Darse, Marc Perron, Thomas Lincke.

Canada Day.   Reclining on the grass before the fireworks.   Back: Chris, Markian, Marc, Cam, Kishi.   Front: (?), Paul, Darse, Thomas.

Jason and Aaron on the West Coast Trail (May, 2001).   (While they frolicked on Vancouver Island, I risked life and limb looking after Aaron's psychotic kitty cat).

Taken at Muttart Gardens:   The Classic Thumb.

Yngvi's house (March, 2001).   Before the cards are dealt.   Left to right: Yngvi, Darse, Michael Buro, Martin, Kishi.   Foreground: Daniel.

GAMES group members in London to compete in the Fifth Computer Olympiad (August, 2000).   Riding the tube from Heathrow airport.   Left to right: Jonathan, Theo, Jack, Roel.

A rare shot of the GAMES group up before 8 am (in London). Left to right: Yngvi, Darse, Jonathan, Theo, Jack, Roel.   (photo: Aaron Davidson)

Alex Kasprzyk and Aaron Davidson getting plastered in Oldham, England.   Aaron has a nice gallery of photographs from our adventures in England.

At the Combinatorial Game Theory Workshop in Berkeley, California (July, 2000).   Among the geekiest of geeks, and proud of it!

The Big Shot (August, 1999).   An exhilarating ride in Las Vegas.   Left to right: Jonathan, Darse, Jack, John Buchanan.