Alyssa celebrated her tenth birthday in April, 2004, with a trip to the biggest shopping and entertainment mall in the world -- West Edmonton Mall. Joining Alyssa, Deb, and Brad, were mom, myself, Deb's sister Barb, and her two sons, Mike and Matt.

After a round of mini-golf, it was off to Fantasyland for bumper cars, whack-a-mole, frog races, shooting galleries, and lots of rides. Above is Mike, Deb, and Alyssa on the Space Shot ride, which is much like the Big Shot in Las Vegas (except not quite as intense as being on the top of the Stratosphere tower...) Below are Matt, Deb, Alyssa, and Brad on the roller-coaster (the gentler one, not the Mind Bender -- Alyssa was two inches too short for that). At the bottom is the haunted castle family portrait.