These are photographs of my father's childhood farm, near Hanna, Alberta (near the small towns
of Delia and Michichi).

The farm was abandoned in the 1960s. The large barn, chicken house, and granary remain.
The main house burned down. (Photos taken in August, 2002).

Mom and her anachronistic car. The neighbour's bailer is in the background (the Devalerola farm).

An omnious sky above the hot and dry August fields.

The chicken house, barn, and some abandoned equipment (looking away from the thunderhead).

The granary and water pump. The ground is alive with shuffling grasshoppers.

Mom beside the pump and granary.

Looking at the chicken house from inside the granary.

The granary served as home for a while after the main house burned down.

Darse at the entrance of the large barn.

Mom, barn, chicken house.

A cart and a rusting piece of farming machinery.

The shell of an old truck.

Tilling machine with the farm in the background.