Pictures of me     (Click on the picture for a larger image)


At long last, wearing Philosopher Blue.
(photo: Alexandra Baracu)

If I were a sailor man... I'd grit my teeth and say arrrhh.
(photo: Alexandra Baracu)

Imparting some important words of wisdom.
(photo: Alexandra Baracu)

With one of my many friends (its bark is worse than its frostbite).
(photo: Alexandra Baracu)

Me in a tux! Giving the toast to the bride, Christine Davidson.
(photo: Davidson/Thesen family)

Visiting Naomi Ella Spencer (less than a day old), and mom Colleen.
(photo: Susan Hiebert)

A rare photo of me in bright sunlight (and that's probably a grimace, not a smile).
(photo: Shawn Benbow [The Gateway])

Hanging out at the icefalls in Maligne Canyon (at -33 degrees).
(photo: Yngvi Bjornsson)

"Evil scientist" photo for the press (scowling just comes naturally).
(photo: Ian Jackson [The New York Times])

Another horribly staged press photo (eesh, the computer isn't even on!).
(photo: John Lucas [Edmonton Journal])

At the semi-regular Tuesday Night Poker Tournament for chess geeks.
(photo: Jim Roy)

Tossing around ideas on single agent search.
(photo: Jason Spencer)

Caught in the act -- of baring teeth.
(photo: Jason Spencer)

Making our own cheezy sci-fi movie, perhaps?
(photo: Jason Spencer)

Reaching for my coffee at the speed of sound...   (hanging out at Muddy Waters Blues Cafe).
(photo: Jason Spencer)

In deep concentration in the AI Lab reading room...   Zzzzzz...
(photo: Jason Spencer)

"Hey Darse, I wanna try out my new digital camera -- look goofy!".
(photo: Akihiro Kishimoto)

At the 1998 AAAI conference in Madison, Wisconsin.
(photo: Dana Nau)

"Hey Ken, what the hell you playin' with there? Ahhggg!".
(digital grabber: Ken Stauffer)

"Before the operation".
(digital grabber: Ken Stauffer)   (Macintosh retouching: Greg James, Mark James, Ken Stauffer)