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Weekly Meetings

The Programming Club meets on Fridays 3-5pm in CSC 249. Show up and discuss problem statements, descriptions, methods of attack, as well as sample solutions.

Meeting Notes

Graph Traversal Intro

Geometry Intro

Some UVa problem solutions and sample code

GMP examples

Local C++ Reference

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You can do programming problems and get course credit for it! For more information see here. The page also lists some books.

Piotr Rudnicki (1951-2012)

Piotr at ACM ICPC World finals in Warsaw, 2012
Piotr at ACM ICPC World finals in Warsaw, 2012. Photo by Ondrej Lhotak.

Piotr, the founder of our programming club and coach for many years, passed away on Nov 17, 2012. He single-handedly built up the club and has led our teams to success at the regional and world level many times.

Obituary in the Edmonton Journal


2012 and earlier

Are you Eligible?

If you are, you can fully participate in all tryouts and contests, win prize money (where available) and have a chance to qualify for "higher-level" contests such as regionals and world finals. If you are not, you can still participate for fun as a guest in our local events. You may also be able to get an exception. See below.

Check the EligibilityDecisionTree for Fall 2012 Regionals. For more details including how to get an exception, see Regionals Rules.

Resources for Getting Started

See here.


These are some of the people recently involved in programming club: Saber Khakpash, Amir Malekzadeh and Navid Zolghadr are team Alberta Black. They participated in the 2011 and 2012 world finals and are thereby promoted to coaches. Seyed Sina Khankhajeh, David Szepesvari, Kevin Barabash were team Alberta Red in 2011/12. They participated in both ACPC and regionals that year. Henry Brausen and Jason Yuan are regular attendees. Martin Müller and Michael Buro and are the current and future coaches, and Mohammad Salavatipour and Sumudu Fernando are co-coaches. Sumudu is a two time world finalist. Babak Behsaz helped with running training contests for our recent world finals preparation. Zac Friggstad is a former coach and two time world finalist who is now a Postdoc at Waterloo. Roshan Shariff and Travis Dick are two time world finalists and are also still at UofA. Piotr Rudnicki started programming club and was our first coach.

2011/2012 ACM ICPC Competitions

2011 ACPC

Alberta Black won! See the report. ACPC was organized by the University of Calgary programming club this year. See the contest and the scoreboard.

2011 Regionals

Regionals were in Edmonton this year. Alberta Black won! See the report, our local contest page, the regional contest information and the scoreboard.

2012 World finals

We went to world finals in Warsaw, Poland! Our team solved 4 problems to tie for 36th place overall. Please see results and full scoreboard.

Quick Updates for 2009-2011


Alberta 1 with Saber Khakpash, Amir Malekzadeh and Navid Zolghadr and Alberta2 win first and second at the 2010 ACPC. See the contest and the report.

Alberta 1 with Saber Khakpash, Amir Malekzadeh and Navid Zolghadr wins the 2010 regionals by solving 9 out of 9 problems! Alberta2 in 7th place. See the report and the scoreboard.

4 problems solved at 2011 world finals, 42nd place out of 104 teams. See the report.


Alberta 1 with Travis Dick, Roshan Shariff, and Gagan Sidhu win the 2009 ACPC. scoreboard.

Alberta 1, with a reinforced team of Travis Dick, Roshan Shariff, and Iain Ireland, wins the 2009 regionals! Alberta 2 in 5th place. See the report and the scoreboard. They went on to World Finals in Harbin, China in 2010 and got a honorable mention.


UAlberta teams end out of the medal range at the 2008 ACPC. scoreboard.

Alberta 1 did a lot better when it counts at the regionals. Our rookie team is the only one to solve 5 problems. scoreboard. Roshan Shariff, Travis Dick, and Nicholas Merritt earn a trip to World finals in Stockholm in 2009 and got a honorable mention.

Some Content from Previous Home Page

UofA 2008 World Finals team

UofA 2008 team, World Finals: Steven Soneff (Electrical Engineering), Kevin Waugh (Computing Science), Martin Müller (Coach), Devin Doucette (Software Engineering). Finished 23rd in the World.

For more information about participation in past contests, please see Piotr Rudnicki's contest pages. There you will find past local contests we have run and links to on-line contests in which you can participate anytime.

UofA 2002 team: Rocky Mountain Region Winners

UofA 2002 team, Rocky Mountain Region Winners: Jason Klaus (CompEng), Ashley Zinyk (CompEng) and Gilbert Lee (CompSci)

The U of A Code Archive
The code archive includes prewritten implementations (in C or C++) of several common algorithms. As such, it is only for local use.


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