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This the site of the University of Alberta Programming Contest Club. We are a small group of passionate competitive programmers in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Find out more here.

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The Programming Club meets on Fridays 3-5pm in CSC b-41. Show up and discuss problem statements, descriptions, methods of attack, as well as sample solutions.

We sometimes do practice contests on laptops. If you don't have one, show up anyway. Some like to practice in teams.


UAPC Practice Contest

We are hosting a contest on Saturday, March 5 from 11am-4pm. This is being organized with UACS. Free pizza for those who come in to CSC 1-59 to compete there!

More UAPC information here.

CCPC Practice Contest

Calgary is hosting a practice on Saturday, March 12. We can register as guests and compete remotely. If there is enough interest, I will organize a local site and we can compete from one of the UGrad labs. Do consider participating!

More CCPC information here.

Other Practices

UBC still holds practices over the weekend. Check here for the schedule. We are invited to participate remotely, email me (zacharyf) if you need a login.


UBC Practice Contests

UBC runs great practices most weekends. The length of the contests seem to vary, but they usually start at 11 on Saturdays. You can practice either individually or with a team.
I will announce the url for the practices before they take place. Send an email to my U. Alberta address (CCID zacharyf) if you want to get a username/password to participate.
For information on their past contest, please visit:
To get a sense of their minimum difficulty, the easiest problem from their latest practice can be found here.
U of A Local Contest (unofficial name), date TBD
Very few details are decided, but we want to run a local contest along with UACS. Details to follow once they are fixed.
The Alberta Collegiate Programming Contest, Oct 17
The plan this year is to have 2 divisions, one for veterans and one for students that are newer to programming contests. Do consider participating even if you have no experience. A URL will be posted when it is available.
Last year's site
Rocky Mountain Regional Contest, Nov 14
The official qualifier for the ACM ICPC World Finals. Check to see if you are eligible here.
Last year's site