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2016 Schedule

Reg Deadline:
August 1st

Submit Deadline:
September 1st



David Churchill
Michael Buro

David Churchill

AIIDE Starcraft AI Competition

2016 Competition Registration / Submission Open!

The 2016 AIIDE StarCraft AI Competition registration and submission are now open. You have until August 1st to submit your registration for the competition. Submission deadline for bots will be September 1st, 2016. Good luck everyone!

Sample Bot Code - UAlbertaBot

Are you new to the StarCraft AI Competition? Want a fully functional bot to start with and modify? We have provided the UAlbertaBot as an open source project with full documentation which you can use as a good point of entry to the competition. If you do use the code however please uphold the spirit of competition and ensure you make significant modification to the bot before you submit it. We don't want multiple copies of the same bot competing :)


Welcome to the home of the 6th annual Starcraft AI competition which is organized by the RTS Game AI Research Group at the University of Alberta and sponsored by AIIDE - the AI for Interactive Digital Entertainment conference.

During this event, programs will play Starcraft Broodwar games against each other using BWAPI, a software library that makes it possible to connect programs to the Starcraft: BroodWar game engine.

The purpose of this competition is to foster and evaluate progress of AI research applied to real-time strategy (RTS) games. RTS games pose a much greater challenge for AI research than chess because of hidden information, vast state and action spaces, and the requirement to act quickly. The best human players still have the upper hand in RTS games, but in the years to come this will likely change, thanks to competitions like this one.

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