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My name is David Churchill and I just finished my PhD in Computing Science at the University of Alberta. My main area of research is heuristic tree search with applications to Real-Time Strategy Video Games. I am also the Lead AI Programmer on Prismata by Lunarch Studios.

email: dave (dot) churchill (at) gmail (dot) com

Research Overview

Real-Time Strategy Games

I love video games, and I'm very lucky to have the opportunity to do research on them! Specifically, my research focuses on Real-Time Strategy video games like StarCraft. For more details, please visit the research page for details.

StarCraft AI Competitions

Since 2011 I have organized and run the AIIDE StarCraft AI Competition. This competition puts state of the art RTS AI research on display in the form of bots which play the full game of StarCraft: BroodWar. In addition to organizing the tournament I am also the author of UAlbertaBot, which has been competing since 2010, which won the competition in 2013.